Learn to utilize today's hottest EAI technologies to ensureinteroperability across your organization What exactly is enterprise application integration (EAI)? Whatmakes this $300 million market so hot that it's expected to grow to$6.5 billion in the next two years? How do you apply it in the realworld? Whether you're an IT professional or systems architect,business manager or software developer, if you're looking into EAIas a solution for unifying applications and systems across theenterprise, then the answers are in this book.You'll find acomplete and unbiased survey of the different technologies,architectures, and approaches available for EAI implementations,including pros and cons, clear explanations of all concepts, andfirst-rate guidance on how to choose the best EAI strategy for yourcompany. The authors draw on their pioneering work with earlyimplementations to show you how to:Define your specific integration problem in a useful form thatenables a real solutionDevelop your own EAI architecture and ensure interoperabilityof legacy, stovepipe, COTS, client-server and modern technologyapplicationsChoose the best among messaging architecture, objectarchitecture, and transaction architectureWork with the best implementation technologies, includingMicrosoft's COM+, the OMG's CORBA, and Sun's EJBUtilize the proven Secure Application Integration Methodology(SAIM)Wiley Tech BriefsFocused on the needs of the corporate IT and business manager, theTech Briefs series provides in-depth information on a new oremerging technology, solutions, and vendor offerings available inthe marketplace. With their accessible approach, these books willhelp you get quickly up-to-speed on a topic so that you caneffectively compete, grow, and better serve your customers.